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NHS National Services Scotland

MEPH Designer

Full MEPH design of VRF, ventilation, lighting & lighting controls across 3No. primary sites.

Programme: 8 weeks
Budget: £1.2m
Completed: March 2020

4 North St. Andrews St, Edinburgh

MEPH & Vertical Transportation acquisition inspection

Full assessment of all MEPH and VT aspects including contracts, maintenance and other matters for acquisition.

Programme: 10 days
Budget: N/A
Completed: Q2 2020

Building 1329 Refurb, HMNB Clyde

MEPH Design

Full MEPH design with steam interface heating, air conditioning, ventilation, lighting and power systems.

Programme: 8 weeks
Budget: £1.8m
Completed: December 2020

Drain & Fill Building Refurb

MEPH Design

Full MEPH design of VRF, Ventilation, Domestic Water, Drainage, Small Power, Lighting, Lighting Controls and Fire Alarms across 10,000sq ft office to client specification.

Programme: 16 weeks
Completed: Early 202

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